Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Currently

Even though I've been reading people's Currently posts for  a couple years, this is my first time linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!  It was fun filling out the Currently, and it really got me to reflect on my life right now!

Listening: I am the only morning person in my apartment, and I absolutely love my peaceful morning time.  All I can hear right now is the tapping of my laptop keys and the hum of the refrigerator.  

Loving: My 4th graders turned in their project proposals for their passion projects on Friday.  They get to choose any topic they are interested in learning more about.  Over the next couple of weeks, they will have time to research their topics and create products to present to the class.  Here are some of their topics:

September 11th
World War II
The History of Wrestling
Pioneer Days
The Amazon Rainforest
Egyptian Pyramids
Volcano Eruption in Pompeii

It was so thrilling for me to watch each and every student light up with excitement as they began learning about their topics in the computer lab.  I really believe that this project will inspire them to become lifelong learners!

Thinking: I'm really going to miss this bunch of students.  I had most of them 2 years in a row because I moved up with them from 3rd to 4th grade.  Their little personalities have become such a big part of my life, and I've loved watching them all show so much growth over two years.  Not just academically, but also their in their stamina and maturity.

Wanting: It's time.  I need to get the process started to get my Master's to be a Reading Specialist.  I miss the classroom environment and discussing professional literature.  And I'm excited about the job opportunities that could come along with that degree.  My heart belongs to reading and writing!  

Needing: It's been too long since my last massage - a couple months I think.  Massages are the one luxury I provide myself, because I hate shopping for clothes, I don't wear makeup, and I rarely get pedicures.  What I need is someone working out those knots around my shoulder blades and in my neck as often as possible!  

Surprise: I chose The Teacher Studio.  I always make sure to read Meg's blog posts because I know it will be valuable information.  I love how she gets her students to think deeply about math topics and also encourages creativity in her classroom.  Here are a couple of her products that are my favorite of her ideas:

Well, my peaceful morning time is about the end.  Need to get my day started.  Maybe I''ll go for a stroll because it looks like it's a nice sunny day out!  Looking forward to reading other people's Currently posts and finding some new blogs to follow!