Friday, May 24, 2013

Five For Friday - Shopping Edition!

I am happy to be linking up with Doodle Bug's Five For Friday again after being too tired to post on Fridays for about the past 2 months!

But thanks to my 2 hour nap earlier today after an exhausting field day, I have a burst of energy now.  I was just working on some end of year/ beginning of next year ideas and thought I'd put a little shopping twist on my Five for Friday post.  Here are 5 things I am planning on buying this lovely, long Memorial Day weekend!

1. Sheet protectors so that I can make a coupon binder for the new reward system I'll be using next year. I bought these class coupons from Laura at Peach, Love, and First Grade.

I want to display the large version of the coupons in a binder and have them as a reward option for kids who earn tickets.

2. Fun prizes from Oriental Trading - also as part of my new reward system. Kids will be able to earn tickets based on what color they are on at the end of the day.  They can used their tickets for prizes, and the more tickets they save up, the better the prizes are that they can win.  I've got my eye on these:
These little rubber duckies are too cute!

There are mini inflatable beach balls - I love miniature things like these and I know my students will too!

3. Items to include in my "Summer Survival Kits" that I'm working on for my students this weekend.  So far, the kits will have everything included in this pack:

I'm also going to put some goldfish in baggies with these adorable tags (except they will say "4th grade.":
Then to continue with the camping theme, I found this creative idea to buy mini flashlights and attach to this note:
If you want to use any of these, I included links to the stores if you click on the pictures.  I'm also going to put 2-3 books in everyone's kit.  I'm really excited about the cohesive camping theme the kits will have; I think the kids will be motivated to read, write, and practice their math this summer!

4. Some new, bright book tubs for the books in my class library.  Maybe something like these:

I've had my book tubs for 5 years now, and they are mismatched and getting dirty.  I'm ready for a change!  Going to try the dollar store and Target to see what I can find.

5. A formal dress to wear to our school's Red Carpet Awards Ceremony on Wednesday!  I haven't gone shopping for a formal dress since prom, so this should be interesting.  I love this dress:

Yes, this event is going to be fancy schmancy!  A lot of the boys are planning on wearing tuxes, and the girls will be looking like princesses I'm sure.  I can't wait to see how cute everyone is!  

So there was my shopping version of Five for Friday, and I am looking forward to getting started tomorrow and Sunday!  I had better go rest up so I have energy to hunt these things down tomorrow.  Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!


  1. I love the goldfish idea! I think I might steal it! So cute! What Red Carpet are you walking? Sounds fun!

  2. Also what part of Houston are you in? I worked in Fort Bend ISD for years before moving up to the Dallas area. I worked in Mission Glen and Missouri City. I can't click on your followers link to follow your blog :( The link does not seem to be working.

  3. Looks like a great and thorough summer kit! I haven't done so before, but I'll think of putting one together this year. Thanks for the ideas!
    Whimsy Workshop