Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Easter Egg Farm

Today, after my students spent the past two days taking practice STAAR tests, I was glad to have a fun spring book to read them to relax a little. (I needed to relax a little too, because they totally bombed the practice tests...aahhhh!)  Anyway, the book I read them is a really cute story with a great message.  It's called The Easter Egg Farm, and the main character is a hen named Pauline who is different because she lays eggs that look like whatever she is looking at.  For example, if she is looking at the grass, her egg will look like the grass.  The other hens tease her for being different, and she is ostracized.  But when their owner finds out about her eggs, she loves them!  By the end of the book, Pauline learns that it is a good thing to be different.

The kids loved the funny pictures and dialogue.  They also contributed to a great discussion about the positives of being different.  After our discussion, I gave students each a piece of blank white paper and told them that they should each pretend that Pauline is their hen.  What kind of egg would they want Pauline to lay?  Here are some of the results:

On the back of their egg, they wrote about one of the following prompts:

*Write about a time you were teased for being different.  How did it make you feel?
*Write about something you are proud of about yourself, even though it is different from others.
*Write about why it is a good thing to be different.

Students were then given a chance to share, and I was very happy with their thoughts.  I will keep trying to build good character in my students, one lesson at a time!  There will be more time for that after the STAAR tests are over in 3 time to get to planning for how to get them motivated for that!  


  1. Oh this is a GREAT book! And the author has written quite a few more like Bantam of the Opera, Nutquacker, Peeping Beauty - I just LOVE the titles :) And the illustrations are wonderful - what a great idea to use the book like this though. I'm going to borrow the idea for a beginning of term project, if you don't mind, for my third graders. With all the friendship problems we've been having lately this would be a fun way to focus on character again. :)


    Fun in the Fours

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Of course I don't mind - thank you for letting me know you like the idea! I haven't seen those other books, but they sound great! I am going to have to look into them. Thanks for sharing :)