Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Mastering Multiplication Facts

I am linking up with Sugar and Spice's Wordless Wednesday linky.  This is the perfect linky for today because my boyfriend and I had a movie night, and now there is not much time left before bed starts calling my name! :)  Click the picture below to see what pictures others have linked up.

Here is my blurry shot from today...(my hands were a little shaky because it was lunchtime and I was hungry, but I wanted to remember to take this picture before I forgot)!

Have all your students learned all their multiplication facts yet?  How do you motivate them?

And I know this is supposed to be "wordless,"  but I have to give credit to the amazing Laura Candler and her Mastering Math Facts program for the train tracker idea and templates in the pic!


  1. We use Xtra Math. My kiddos come to fourth grade needing help with ALL fact fluency, not just multiplication, so Xtra Math is awesome. Each kid gets a login, and they get on every day during morning work. They start with addition, subtractions, multiplication, and then division facts. Teachers get emailed reports with updates on progress.