Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gingerbread and...Gum?

This week, we have been doing some really fun and cute, yet educational, gingerbread activities.  I purchased Linda Kamp's Catch Me If You Can {Activities for Favorite Versions of the Gingerbread Man}, which you can find {here}.  Due to late planning, I realized a few days before the unit that I needed to get the books that go with the unit!  So I ended up paying outlandish shipping fees to get them shipped in one day, but it's been worth it this week!  On Monday, we read The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School and the kids made these cute craftivities:

I like how the one on the top made the peppermint hat to go with the gingerbread man, even though that wasn't originally part of the craft. :)  They thought the gingerbread men were so cute, they started making extras on plain paper.  Today, I saw one of my sweet boys give his gingerbread man to his little brother in kindergarten.  

After this craft, the kids made missing posters like the one in the book:

I love the message on the top one:  "If you find him, you get to see his gingerbread house."  So creative!  

Yesterday, we read The Gingerbread Girl, and the kids loved how she ended up tricking the fox.  Tomorrow, we will read The Matzah Ball Boy and there will be a fun craftivity to post pics of for that one!  

On another note, I had two girls chewing gum AGAIN in class yesterday.  Normally I don't treat it as a big deal, but these girls just keep breaking the rule and don't seem to care.  I made them miss out on all the fun gingerbread activities and write sentences instead.  One of them was upset that I was disappointed in her, and she came to drop this note in front of me:

The little boxes to check "yes" or "no" if I forgave her made me smile inside remembering the days of "Will you be my girlfriend?  Check yes or no."  Haha!  Thought this might make some of you chuckle too.  Well, tomorrow we basically have a half day because all afternoon is for rehearsing for the Christmas Program and watching the middle schoolers perform "A Nutty Nutcracker."  Then, Friday we get out at noon!  Almost there!

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