Thursday, January 31, 2013

Complete Sentences and TPT Super Sunday Sale

A lot of my students still have so much trouble (3rd grade) writing complete sentences and using punctuation.  Actually, when I taught 4th grade at this school, THEY even still had trouble.  So I try to hit this objective as often as possible while still teaching all the other objectives for Language Arts.  Something we did today really broke it down for them, and they had a great time doing it!  

First, students sorted different sentences beneath the correct punctuation marks:

They thought the sentences were really funny, because they were about "Chocolate Crunch Elementary School" and characters like "Sally Snickers" and "Mikey Mars."  Next, they had to sequence the sentences into a logical order.  This was great because it tied in a reading objective:

Finally, they used the paper I provided to write the sentences as a paragraph, using the correct punctuation.  This activity was perfect to break it down for them.  Hopefully they will transfer these skills to more of their own writing.

You can find this activity, along with other fun literacy activities, in my Bake Sale Literacy Unit:

And, this Sunday, everything in my store will be 28% off during TPT's Super Sunday Sale!  Just use the promo code "Super."  I am going to try to control my spending myself on that day :)  Have a great Friday tomorrow - we will be celebrating the 100th day, and my 3rd graders are really excited about it!


  1. Hi Rebecca, I just found your blog through Megan's blog "I teach, what's your super power?" I teach 3rd Reading and SS in TX too. From your blog, I think we teach in a similar school. I just read Trust me Jack, Your Beanstalk Stinks about 2 weeks ago...I'll buy your pack for next year:)

    1. Hi! You just teach Reading and SS? My school is thinking of departmentalizing next year, but we only have 2 teachers per grade level. How does it work at your school? Thank you for connecting - do you have a blog?

      I love those books in that series, partly because the kids think they're so funny!


  2. I teach 3rd grade at a private school in TX.

    I've been having difficulty with cementing complete sentences so this looks great!


    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings