Monday, January 7, 2013

Successful First Day Back!

Well, today was our first day back to school, and after an anxious night worrying if I had everything ready to go back, the day went smoothly. My 3rd graders acted just a tad bit more like the mature 4th graders they will soon be :) We started off the morning with the activity that Ms. Fultz guest blogged about on my blog this weekend. Thanks Ms. Fultz! It was a New Year's Resolution page and a school supply checklist. The whole thing took almost an hour and was a nice calm way to start the day. Check out Ms. Fultz's post {HERE} to see what the activity looks like, or click the picture below to download it for free.

After that, we did some Math and began learning about fractions.  For Reading, we reviewed Daily 5 Read to Self.  I plan on reviewing one Daily 5 per day so that at the end of the week we are back up to all 5.  I also decided that for those students who still want to try to pass notes, whisper, or play around during Daily 5 time, I will have an alternate "activity" for them.  If I catch anyone misbehaving during Daily 5 time, I will just call them up, give them this worksheet, and then allow them to try to return to the activity.
For Science today, we began talking about landforms by filling out our mini landform books using the mini anchor charts.  All of this is from Jeannie Hunter's Fun With Landforms: Games and Activities Packet.

We will continue filling in our booklets tomorrow and then play Landform Concentration, also from Jeannie's packet, to review the terms.  

All in all, it was a pretty stress-free day back - here's to a stress-free rest of the week! (I wish!!)

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