Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year's, Landforms, and Gingerbread!

I don't think my post title could be much more random than it is! (New Year's, Landforms, and Gingerbread)  I just have a few various activities I want to share that we've been working on the past couple days.  I have been loving all of them!  First, I blogged last time about the New Year's Resolution worksheet we did our first day back from break.  I found some cute responses I want to share.

#1 Goal for 2013: To play video games 1 hour a day.  (Not exactly what I was looking for haha!)

#1 Goal for 2013: Get better at homework. (I had so many students who were spot-on with their goals! This child really does need to start doing his homework every far he has improved!)

This girl was spot-on too - stop being mean.  However, that day at recess, she kicked a little boy in his knee when he fell down...hmmm, still a work in progress!

I love this little girl's answers - play the flute (very creative goal!) and donate food, water, and money (so sweet!)

I also recently blogged about the landform unit we have been working on, and I want to share a couple pictures of the landform mini-book we completed.

The clip art is adorable, AND it really helps students visualize what the landforms look like!  We will continue our landform study by making landform cootie catchers tomorrow and playing landform concentration.  Then, we will have a quiz Friday.  I think they will do really well.  If you want to find this landform unit, it can be purchased {HERE} at Jeannie Hunter's TPT store.

Last, today I did a really helpful sorting activity with my lowest reading group.  It is a sort to help them practice the different sounds "ea" can make (long e or short e).  Here is what it looks like:

I sat with my group and had them choose one card at a time.  They either sounded it out themselves, trying both "ea" sounds to see which one worked, or I helped them sound it out.  I think it will really help them when they come to "ea" words in their independent reading books.  They had a lot of trouble in the beginning of the activity, but got better and better as we kept going.  I got this activity from Linda Kamp's amazing gingerbread unit, which you can find {HERE}.
Whew!  A lot of fun things going on in my classroom lately thanks to all my amazing finds on TPT!  I would love for you to comment if you think you might be inspired to use any of these activities in your own classrooms.  I'm off to try to relax a little before bedtime!

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