Friday, November 9, 2012

Cultural Acceptance

Today, we continued our Thanksgiving book countdown with a book called Duck for Turkey Day.
It is about a little girl whose family is Vietnamese, and she is upset that her family will not be eating turkey on Thanksgiving.  They will eat a traditional Vietnamese food - duck.  She is worried about being different from the other kids in her class.  It turns out, she's not so different after all - I won't give away the ending, but it's a great message!  This was a great read aloud for my class because it allowed for discussion about cultural differences and that differences are actually a GOOD thing.  It also gave me the opportunity to show them Vietnam on the map and to explain that not all people who look like the girl on the cover are Chinese.  My students all thought she was.  I love any opportunity to introduce new cultures to my mostly Hispanic class.  Do any of you have favorite books to read to discuss cultural differences?  I am always on the lookout because cultural acceptance is so important to me!  Happy Friday night everyone.  

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