Monday, November 5, 2012

Well, made it through another Monday!  I actually don't mind Mondays because my kids usually seem too tired to misbehave much. :)  We have started practicing our multiplication facts, and they get so excited to learn those.  I found some cute ways to help them remember their facts on pinterest.  It is from, and I can't wait to use the 3's and 4's songs with the kids!

While beginning to teach them their multiplication facts, I am still teaching them their addition and subtraction facts.  We use the Mad Minute book, where they have to complete 40 addition problems in a minute, and most of my kids are still on the first level.  I have been teaching them a couple new problems every day.  We review with flashcards and the Doubles Rap every morning.  Hopefully more of them will start catching up with the rest of 3rd graders in America!  

Do you other teachers who teach 3rd grade have this problem?  Do any of you use Mad Minute? I think it's so important for the kids to know their facts so they can move on to more complicated problems with ease.  Anyway, time to relax a little before a new day tomorrow!  Good night.

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